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6th October 2014

Here’s our Top 10 things to look out for when organising your wedding transportation…

1 – Wedding cars, especially vintage or quirky ones get snapped up early. If your wedding is taking place at the height of the season, make sure you look to book early to avoid disappointment. You may not be the only one that is in need of a white VW campervan on that day!

2 – Make sure you get to see the car before the big day. Pictures on the web are a great indication of the style of car but unfortunately they can be touched up and the last thing you need on your big day is finding out that the car of your dreams isn’t as good in real life.

3 – Make sure you find out what the company’s protocol is in terms of a back-up plan. Even brand new cars are susceptible to mechanical failure, let alone that vintage VW Beetle you had your eye on. So make sure they have a plan to get you to the church on time regardless and that you’re happy with it.

5 – Don’t forget to think about and include the rest of your wedding party getting to the venue. You won’t want to be calling last minute taxis for bridesmaids and your mum – trust me I’ve seen it on Don’t Tell The Bride, not good. If you plan on having any children under the age of 3 travelling with you remember that vintage cars weren’t made with seatbelts in the back, so they may not be allowed in there with you.

6 – Look into different styles of transportation. If your theme, venue and budget allow for it, why not go for something a bit different. A camper van or even a vintage tractor at a Wedfest styled wedding would be a great talking point for your guests and it makes the transport part of your day and not just a means of getting from A to B.

7 – Don’t get caught up in the excitement of it all and make sure you get verification that the company you use and the vehicle have the correct insurance. Any reliable company shouldn’t have any issue with showing you their certificates. Just be wary if they’re not forthcoming when asked.

8 – Do think about whether your guests need transportation from the venue to the reception. It may be cheaper to get them to make their own way but there’s a chance that they won’t find it or make it in time for drinks and canapés, and let’s face it they don’t come cheap! Get your guests in the mood for a good celebration by hiring a few mini buses or better still a vintage Routemaster!

9 – Open top vehicles may look good but bear in mind that having just had your hair done and looking good, a 20 minute ride in an open top car will play havoc with your tousled waves let alone that gorgeous vintage looking hair accessory you just about managed to get stay put!

10 – It’s up to you how much you want to spend on wedding transportation as everyone is different when it comes to prioritising what is important to them on the big day. But if you’re totally at a loss of what is the norm then think to allocate about 2% – 3% of your overall budget on transportation. If you’re looking to have a more DIY wedding, why not hire a car from their ‘executive’ range and have a (reliable and sober) friend play chauffeur for the day?

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