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How to ask your guests for the gift of money

15th April 2015

Traditionally guests would give the bride and groom gifts to help them start their new life together as a married couple, as they fly their parents nest to start a home of their own. Nowadays more couples than ever live together long before they tie the knot, so it’s likely that they’ll have most of the things they need for their house. It’s becoming more popular to ask for money to put towards a honeymoon or a deposit for a house, but even still it can feel a little awkward to do so. We’ve put together a few ideas on how to ask for what you want without it sounding pushing or greedy.

It’s crucial for your guests to know that the most important thing to you is their presence on your special day and not the gift that they bring. Make it a priority to make this bit clear.

To save confusion on your guests part, if it’s gifts that you would like, make sure you let them know what it is you need / want. A wedding gift list at a store makes it so much easier for your guests to know that what they get you is something that you want or need, rather than have them spend their money on something that you won’t use.

If you are asking for the gift of money, make sure you make it clear as to what you would like the money for. If guests feel as though they are helping you to contribute to that dream honeymoon, or the deposit for your first home together, or perhaps the home improvements that you so desperately want, it makes it all the more meaningful.

If you have asked for vouchers or money, it’s important that you have a well labelled box at your reception for guests to put their cards / gifts in, where they know they’ll be secure for the evening rather than it being put on a table somewhere only to be left once the call of “Come on Eileen” booms across the dance floor!

Remember to say Thank You by sending them a little note after the wedding. It can be a great opportunity to let your guests know what their gift of money went towards.

If you’re still sruggling with how to approach the subject of asking for money, here are some popular poems that you could put on an information card alongside your invitation:

Your presence at our wedding is all that we wish for.However, if you want to give a gift, we will be grateful for a small cash donation towards our new future/house renovations/honeymoon/etc.


If you were thinking of giving a gift to help us on our way, a gift of money in a card would really make our day!


We’ve lived together for quite a while,
With all our pots and pans,
And as we don’t need homely gifts,
We have another plan!
We know it’s not traditional,
But it’s easier that’s for sure,
To have no wedding list at all,
Your attendance means much more!
For those of you who do insist,
We have a savings pot,
A small gift to add to this,
Would really mean a lot!


We haven’t got a gift list for all of you to see,
because as you all know we never can agree!
But if you’d like to help us start our married life,
cash or high street vouchers, would save a lot of strife!