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Wedding Invitation Mistakes to Avoid

15th March 2024

Black and white wedding invitation with bow. Mustard colour RSVP. Stone coloured wedding details card

Planning your wedding is an exciting journey, and your invitations play a crucial role in setting the tone for your special day. We’ve listed what common wedding invitation mistakes to avoid to ensure everything goes smoothly!


Ordering at the last minute

Avoid leaving ordering your wedding invitations to the last minute: Your guests need plenty of notice! We recommend sending save the dates 9-12 months before and invitations between 5-7 months prior to your big day. This gives your loved ones ample time to plan, book time off work, and arrange accommodations such as hotels or flights, ensuring they can fully participate in your special celebration. Remember to factor in lead times as most stationery companies have set production schedules to ensure perfection.

Excluding vital details

Make sure to include essential information like the church/venue address, the date and ceremony time.
These details are key for your guests to plan their attendance, arrange transportation, and ensure they don’t miss any important moments of your special day.

Not specifying guest names

Personalise each envelope by addressing it to the intended recipient. It adds a special touch and avoids any confusion. At PaperGrace, we also offer a guest name and address printing service for envelopes and can print names directly on the invitations, ensuring a seamless and sophisticated presentation from start to finish.

Not specifying a RSVP date

Getting responses from your guests is essential for finalising arrangements. Give your guests 3-4 weeks to reply after they receive their invitations to ensure
an accurate headcount. This timeframe allows you to coordinate with your suppliers and create the all-important seating plan with confidence.

Ordering the wrong amount

Counting per person instead of per household can lead to over ordering. On the other hand, failing to anticipate last-minute additions to your guest list can leave you short. Plan accordingly! Consider factors such as families or couples receiving a single invitation, as well as the possibility of unexpected guests or address changes. It’s better to have a few extra invitations on hand than to find yourself scrambling for more at the last minute (which can become costly due to minimum orders).

Spelling mistakes

Double, triple, quadruple-check your invitations for any errors. Spelling mistakes can detract from the elegance of your stationery. Take the time to meticulously review every detail, including names, dates, and venue information. A thorough proofreading ensures that your invitations are flawless and reflect the attention to detail that your special day deserves.

Squeezing in too much info

Squeezing too much information onto your invites can overwhelm the design and make it difficult for guests to read, ultimately detracting from the overall aesthetic appeal. Keep it simple and elegant by focusing on the essential details that your guests need to know, such as the date, time, and location of the event. Consider adding a separate details card for additional information and an RSVP card to ensure the invitation remains uncluttered and easy to digest.