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Kids Play

13th October 2014

Children at weddings has always been a subject of contention – do you or don’t you provide entertainment? Do you even invite children? For many, kids are the heart and soul of a family and to exclude them just isn’t an option. So here are a few tips to help ease the headache of keeping those precious little ones entertained.

Adult Free Zone – pick a spot at your reception venue that you can dedicate as a children only zone. Pile it high with toys, soft play mats and maybe even a craft table.

Do me a Favour! – make personal favours for the little ones for the wedding breakfast. Little trivia games or small colouring books and pencils will keep them amused whilst the parents listen to the speeches uninterrupted.

Treasure hunt – everyone knows children aren’t experts in standing around so while the professional photographs are taking place or maybe during reception drinks, let the kids run wild in a treasure hunt that you’ve put in place for them. Inexpensive goodies can be placed within the grounds of your venue and you can get on with things whilst they go-a-hunting!

Can’t see the wood for the trees – before you go and organise entertainment that squeezes your budget, have a think about the Venue you’re having your reception in; it may already provide some excellent readymade entertainment. Most children don’t need an excuse to go running amuck in a field or a beautiful lawn. If your venue has large water features, check with the proprietors that there are the appropriate emergency procedures and / or equipment in place.

Can we join in? – Why not get some lawn games into the mix. Giant Jenga or croquet is a hit with big and small guests!

Let me entertain you – if your budget allows, an excellent way to distract the little tykes is to hire someone who knows exactly how to. There are plenty of kid’s entertainers out there or maybe you like the idea of a magician who will be able to entertain all – 2 for the price of 1!

Say cheese – hand the little ones disposable cameras with a list of “scenes” or people they have to capture. Not only fun for them, but the returning prints are bound to give a unique perspective on your wedding day as well as put a big grin on your face!

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