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These Dancing Shoes

15th October 2014


Although your budget will play a big part in your decision of whether you have either a DJ, a live band or a playlist to entertain you and your guests, here’s our list of pros and cons to help you choose how you’ll dance the night away.


Pros –

  • likely to play requests from guests
  • medium budget
  • a good DJ will read a crowd and adjust the music as they see fit
  • most will have a very large selection of music from all eras


  • disco lights and smoke machines may not be your thing – always check what is included in the price
  • beware the bored or over excitable DJ – make sure you meet them beforehand and you like their “vibe” or if you get the chance check them out in action before booking

Live Band


  • will get people up on the dance floor quicker than a DJ or Playlist may
  • interactive with the audience
  • sound quality is usually better
  • a specific band can really make a theme – a 1930’s swing band would be ideal for a Hollywood Glamour themed wedding


  • expensive
  • may have to provide food for them which will add to the evening buffet head count
  • can be very loud



  • can choose your own music (no matter how obscure)
  • you can get your guests to choose a song they would like played prior to the big day
  • inexpensive


  • no backup and stressful for you if there is equipment failure on the day
  • time consuming choosing and uploading songs
  • your taste may not match the majority of your guests which may mean an empty dance floor
  • no one to make announcements such as cutting the cake and first dance etc.




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