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9th January 2015

So you’ve chosen your dress and now it’s come down to the crucial question, what are you going to have your bridesmaids walk down the aisle in? Eek! This is where it can get tricky! (As if you hadn’t had enough huge decisions to make already)! If you need some tips on getting it right without your bridesmaids turning on each other or you for that matter, read on my friend;

  1. Taking the style of your own dress, have a think about what shape and cut would compliment it. If yours is a vintage lace style, it and you won’t look right stood next to your girlies in modern taffeta dresses.
  2. Think carefully about the colour you choose. A shade that suits one skin tone, won’t necessarily suit all skin tones. Also, hair colour can play a dramatic roll in finding the right colour. If you have bridesmaids with big differences in skin and hair colour, think about choosing 2 complimentary colours or shades to overcome any such issues.
  3. The time of year you get married will pay an important role in choosing a colour and style of dress. Spring dictates pastel hues, whilst a winter wedding can hold up to strong, bold colours without looking harsh.
  4. As us ladies know, we come in all different shapes and sizes and it’s important to be sympathetic to this when considering your friends dresses. Ladies with a larger bust may simply need the support of straps and those that carry their goodness around their tums and bums may not look flattering in a tight body-con style. Consider different styles in the same colour pallet to help emphasis and support your girls where they need it.
  5. Remember you can’t please everyone all of the time. It’s important to not put your close friends in something they feel totally uncomfortable in- you don’t want to be causing WW3, but remember that it is your day and it is the role of the girls you have chosen to be your support, not only for the wedding day but in the months leading up to it.
  6. When it comes to accessories, think about things that they may need such as a pashmina or cardigan if you’re wedding is in early Spring. Goose pimples are not a good look on anyone! And who can forget the ultimate accessory, the shoe?! Buying or asking your bridesmaids to pay for an inexpensive pair of pumps for the evening will mean they’ll be able to dance the night away with you!