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Keep Calm and Say I do!

12th January 2015

So the big day is fast approaching and even though you’re sure you’ve planned it all right and have been super organised, you’re still having sleepless nights over whether all will go without a hitch (excuse the pun)! You’ve spent not only the best part of a year (maybe more) but most of your life imagining this day, and so you’re forgiven for pinning all your hopes on it to be the best day ever. When you think of it like that, it’s a lot of pressure to put upon yourself and the day for it to be just perfect. Remember there is only so much planning you can do, the rest is out of your hands (not the best words for us ladies who like a bit of control in their life, but I’m afraid it’s true). Here’s our guide to keeping your cool on your wedding day without having to reach for the prescription medicine:

Remember the 6 P’s (Prior Preparation and Planning Prevents Poor Performance) – if you try to cover most things prior to the day, then it leaves little room for things to be missed off or to go wrong on the day. There are plenty of lists and guides on the internet that will help you understand what is needed for the day to run smoothly, so keep it handy and check it off as the day gets closer.

Nominate – there is no shame in delegating jobs to your nearest and dearest. The roles of best men and bridesmaids are to offer support on and leading up to the big day. Unfortunately on the day they’ll be important tasks to be carried out. For example some of your suppliers may need their payment in full on the day. This isn’t something that you want to be bogged down with so have the money ready in envelopes and give this to one of your “aides” to sort out on your behalf.

Emergency kit – this is an essential to stop the tears should an emergency break out! Make up a little bag that has some safety pins, tissues, hair spray, painkillers, plasters, breath mints etc. Sounds a bit extreme but trust me, you’ll be forever thankful for that little bag should you need it.

Rest up – if you can try and get as much rest as possible the night before. You may have last minute things to do, but if you can try and keep the evening before your wedding free to relax, watch a favourite film and have a bath before getting an early night you’ll feel all the better for it. Nerves will obviously be paying a huge part in you being able to drift off easily, but just sitting and relaxing can be such a benefit before the day’s festivities. If the night before does turn out to be more hectic than you planned, don’t panic, take a soak in the bath and grab 20 minutes or so by yourself in the morning before the crowds and chaos descend.

Surround yourself with happy people – sounds a bit odd as weddings are meant to be full of happy people right?! Wrong. Weddings can be stressful for not just you. There may be divorced parents that haven’t seen each other in a while, or some family members that don’t get on. If issues do arise, be sure to stay positive and remove yourself from their company. It’s your day and it’s important to not let others issues become yours, not on this day anyway.

Perspective is important – there will always be something that will not go as planned. Be it the weather isn’t how you wanted it, or you forgot the handmade Order of Services in the hotel room (yes this did happen to me). But you have to remember what the day stands for, it’s about the union of 2 people who have chosen to spend the rest of their lives together. As long as you and your hubby or wife to be turns up on the day (always a good start) and you’re ready to show your commitment to each other in front of your loved ones, it doesn’t matter that the florist didn’t put the right ribbon round the cake (yes that happened to me too)!

Have a good breakfast – even though the butterflies in your tummy may not give you the appetite for a full English breakfast the morning of your wedding, it is important to get some food in you so that you don’t feel queasy or light headed during the ceremony.

Nervous in a crowd? – some people are naturally good at getting up and speaking in a crowd, for others just the thought of it can cause an anxiety attack. If you’re one of the latter and are dreading announcing your vows to a room full of people, without sounding like a extract from the Twilight saga, focus on your partner standing there at the alter waiting and wanting to take you as their other half for the rest of your lives. When it comes to repeating the necessary verse, look into their eyes and say the words to them, not the entire room. It will help to keep you focused and make it as meaningful as it’s intended to be.

Take 5 – whether it be in the car from the church to the reception or sneaking behind the bushes in the grounds of your venue, take a moment with your new spouse, just the two of you. Who knows when you’ll get another chance with all the festivities of the day to reflect on the momentous thing the two of you have just done by making the commitment to one another to share your lives together. Take a moment to look at each other and say “We did it”. Then go and enjoy the party and have the day you both deserve!