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Happy New Year!

2nd January 2015

Happy new year 2015 written with Sparkling figures

Here’s hoping that you all had a wonderful Christmas and that you saw in the New Year as you had hoped. Saying goodbye is never easy, especially if you’ve had a good year (i.e. got engaged or married ;)), but there’s always things to look forward to. Maybe 2015 is the year that you’ll be celebrating your big day or maybe your 1st wedding anniversary. Whatever 2015 brings for you we here at PaperGrace hope it’s a joyous and safe one for all of you.
For us, we’re looking forward to 2015 where we’ll be bringing you new ranges. Don’t worry, our existing collection will still be available through our website and NOTHS, we’ll just be extending our range of wedding stationery. The new designs will be staying true to the PaperGrace ethos of vintage and quirky in style and we’re super excited to be showing them to you soon… Watch this space or follow us on Facebook and twitter @PaperGraceUK for all the latest news.