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Wedding Make-Up Do’s and Don’ts

5th January 2015

So the big day plans are all in check, you’ve chosen the venue, had your first wedding dress fitting, now it’s time to think about how you would like your make up on your wedding day. Here’s our little guide to making sure you end up looking and feeling the best that you can through the wonders of make up:

Do have a trial. Whether you’re having someone do your make-up or you’re going to be daring enough to do it yourself, make sure you have a run through at least 3 weeks (but no earlier than 5 weeks) before the big day. If you’re planning on have a spray tan for the wedding, make sure that you have one before your make up trial too so that you’re skin is as close to the colour it will be on the actual day. If you’re having a make-up trial in a store, wear a white t-shirt and take a picture of yourself in day light with no flash so you can see how the make looks before you purchase any new and expensive items.

Don’t think that in order to have a flawless complexion means you have to cake on your make-up. Most of your photos will be done in the natural light so the thicker the make-up, the more unnatural it will look. Spots and imperfections can be covered up by applying small amounts of extra make up in the areas that need it and if it’s blended in well enough, you won’t notice there even there. To make sure you stay shine free for the photos, all that is needed is a little translucent powder strategically placed in your t-zone or you can make sure your head bridesmaid has some blotting papers in her bag so you can take the shine away throughout the day without adding more make up.

Do bring along pictures for reference to your make up trial. Googling images of make up looks you like will be a great help to your make up artist rather than describing it alone. If you can make notes on what it is you like about the look will also help to create your perfect look.

Don’t be too led by what is currently in fashion. Your pictures will be with you for the rest of your life so it’s probably best to choose a more classic look than one that has just been seen on the latest catwalk.

Do think about using long wear make-up. There are some great products on the market today that will help to keep your make up in place. Start with a primer and a long wearing foundation to ensure your base stays up for as long as you do. Complimentary cream eye shadows under your powder eye shadow will help to hold it in place, as will applying a cream blush under a soft sweep of powder rouge. And let’s not forget the essential to any wedding, waterproof mascara that won’t smudge.

Don’t forget to blend, blend, blend! It’s so important to colour match your foundation and concealer in the first instance, but making sure you blend is just as important for that flawless look. Take your make up right down to your neck and décolletage so that it looks as natural as can be.

Do highlight your eyes to make them pop. Using a light matte shade of eye-shadow on your brow bone (just under your eyebrow) will create a beautiful illusion and set your eye make up. Using a cream highlighter above the brow and under your eyes helps to lighten any dark circles by reflecting the light away from the area. Also, don’t go too dark or heavy with your eye shadow colour, define the area instead by applying a mid tone colour to the crease of your eye or you will detract from the eye itself.

Don’t forget the importance of lip colour. Even if you’re not one to wear strong lip colours in your everyday, it’s important to define your lips with a colour that is at least a couple of shades brighter than your normal lip colour so that you don’t look washed out in your photos. Your trial will help to find a colour that looks good in pictures and that you’re comfortable with. The texture of your choice of lip wear is important too. Choose a sticky lip gloss and you’ll get your hair sticking to your face and the colour won’t last. Too matte a lipstick and your lips will dry and crack which won’t be a good look either. Choose a moisturising, satin finish lipstick. Again there are some great long wearing stains on the market that will help to keep your lips luscious and beautiful.