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What Wedding Stationery Will You Need for Your Wedding?

28th January 2024

Congratulations on your engagement! As you embark on the exciting journey of planning your dream wedding, one key aspect to consider is the stationery that will set the tone for your special day. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the essential wedding stationery items you may need, along with some accessories and on-the-day items that will make your celebration truly memorable.


Save the Dates: Building Anticipation

Whether you’re planning a destination wedding or celebrating during a busy season, Save the Dates act as a preview for your special day. Offering guests an early heads-up, these cards enable them to plan ahead and ensure they won’t miss the celebration.

Wavy Save the Date

Boho Summer Save the Date

Daytime Invitations: Your Formal Introduction

Daytime invitations are your first formal introduction to the celebration, setting the tone for the more formal aspects of your wedding day. They convey the style of your wedding, giving guests a sneak peek into the magic that awaits.

Evening Invitations: Inviting Guests to the Celebration

For the more relaxed festivities that follow the formal ceremony, Evening Invitations are your way of inviting guests to the celebration. These invitations provide essential details for the evening, ensuring everyone knows where to be and when.

Boho Summer Invitation

Bare Notes Invitation

RSVP Cards: Streamlining Guest Responses

RSVP cards make it easy for guests to respond promptly to your invitation, helping you plan for the number of attendees.

Details Cards: Sharing Additional Information

Perfect for conveying additional information like accommodations and gift preferences, these cards will make your guests feel well-informed and cared for.

Be Our Guest Details Card

Be Our Guest RSVP

Accessories: Elevating Your Suite

Items like tear-drop clips, black twine, ribbon, wax seals, envelope liners, belly bands, pocket folds, and printed envelopes serve as fine details that elevate your entire wedding stationery suite. These accessories add a personalised touch, tying everything together seamlessly and adding flair and uniqueness to your invitations.

Wax Seals

Black Twine Ties

On-the-Day Wedding Stationery: Guiding Your Celebration

Menus:  Menus provide a sneak peek into the culinary delights your guests will enjoy. Enhance the presentation with personalised touches such as ribbon tear drop clips, matching the design with your overall table decor for a cohesive look.

Place Name Cards:  Personalise your guests’ experience with place name cards, providing them with a visual guide to their designated seats.

Table Names/Numbers:  Help guests find their tables with stylish table names or numbers. Should you choose table names, consider using meaningful ones, such as places you’ve visited on holiday or the beverages you both enjoy, adding a personal touch to your celebration.

Simple Type menu and place name cards

Love Story table number

Table Plan:A wedding table plan not only ensures a seamless and organised seating arrangement but also provides an opportunity to infuse the design with a wow factor, leaving a lasting impression on your guests.

Welcome Sign: A welcome sign is usually at the entrance to your venue, this not only welcomes your guests to your wedding, it also sets the tone for your celebration ahead. Make a memorable first impression with a personalised welcome sign.

black wedding table plan

Love Story table plan

Love story welcome sign

Order of the Day Sign: Ensure guests are informed of what is happening when and where throughout the day with a well-designed Order of the Day sign.

Unplugged Ceremony Sign: Encourage an unplugged ceremony with a stylish sign that politely requests guests to put away their devices.

Elegant Type order of the day

Elegant Type unplugged ceremony

Bar Sign: Create a stylish bar sign that highlights your beverage offerings.

Order of Service Booklets/cards: Provide your guests with Order of Service booklets or a card that details the sequence of the ceremony and typically recognise the individuals participating in your special day. Additionally, they will offer your guests a lovely keepsake.

wedding order of service card

Love Story order of service

Cocktail Sign

Reserved Seat Signs:Reserved seat signs add a touch of elegance and organisation to your wedding, ensuring that designated seats are clearly marked for special guests or specific individuals.

Vow Books: Vow books are a sentimental touch for exchanging vows. Personalise them with unique elements like a silk or velvet ribbon.

Additional Smaller Signage: Incorporate smaller signs for areas such as Cards/Gifts, Favour Tags, and the Guest Book, ensuring a cohesive design and theme that ties all the signs together seamlessly.


Your wedding stationery reflects your journey and sets the stage for the upcoming celebration. From the initial Save the Dates to the detailed on-the-day items, each component contributes to making your wedding day uniquely yours. Personalise your stationery, enjoy the process with accessories, and let your love shine through the details. Happy planning!