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Wedding Invitation Details Card – What Information to Include

18th January 2024

Planning a wedding is a joyous journey filled with details that make your day unique. One crucial aspect is the wedding details card, which is usually included with your wedding invitation suite. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through some important information that you may choose to include.


Venue Full Address and Timings

Enhance the completeness of your wedding details card by considering the inclusion of the venue’s full address and event timings. This provides guests with comprehensive information for a seamless celebration.



Crafting clear and concise directions ensures your guests arrive stress-free, enhancing their overall experience. Include landmarks, major roads, or even a simple map.


Parking or Taxi Numbers

Assist your guests by providing information on parking facilities or taxi services nearby. This thoughtful touch adds convenience to their journey.


Transport and Accommodation

For out-of-town guests, include information on transportation and nearby accommodation options. This shows consideration for their comfort and ensures everyone can join in the festivities.


Dress Code

Set the tone for your wedding by sharing the dress code on the details card. Whether it’s black-tie, casual, or themed, guide your guests on what to wear.


Wedding Gift List or Money Requests

Gracefully convey your preferences regarding gifts or monetary contributions. This section guides guests on your wishes, making the gift-giving process seamless.
Need further advice on on this section? Head to our ‘how to politely ask your guests for money’ journal post”


No Children

If your celebration is adults-only, delicately communicate this on the details card. Providing clarity helps guests plan accordingly. Again, you will find examples of wording for this section on our ‘How to politely word no kids at your wedding’ journal post.


RSVP Details

Streamline the RSVP process by clearly outlining how guests can respond. Whether it’s an online platform or a traditional reply card, make it simple.



Wrap up your wedding details card with a gracious mention of post-celebration transportation. This thoughtful touch ensures your guests’ safety and convenience.

While it’s tempting to include everything, we always advise to be selective. Tailor the information to what’s truly relevant to your wedding, ensuring a concise and impactful details card. Consider the amount of information you have before choosing between double or single-sided cards. Our guidance ensures your cards are visually appealing and easy to read.

At PaperGrace, we understand the importance of the right words. Reach out to us for advice or assistance in crafting the perfect wording for your wedding details cards.



Arched Mocha Details Card

Boho Summer Details card

Frequently Asked Questions

How many details should I include on my wedding details card?
Be selective and include only essential information tailored to your wedding. Less is often more for an elegant and impactful card.

Can I direct guests to my wedding website for additional information?
Yes, it’s a great idea! Your wedding website can host additional details, photos, and updates, providing a convenient source of ongoing information.

Should I include information on parking or taxi services?
Absolutely. Assisting guests with parking or taxi details ensures a stress-free arrival, enhancing their overall experience.

How do I communicate a no-children policy on the details card?
Delicately convey the adults-only policy with warmth and clarity, emphasising the importance of creating an atmosphere suited to adults.



Bare Note Details Card

Simple Type Details Card